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Bathtub Refinishing Near Me
Why 5 Star Reglazing is The Best Value in Surface Refinishing!
Since 1997, 5 star Reglazing has become the preferred surface refinisher to nation's largest property managers, hotel chains, hospitals, colleges and homeowners.
Is it refinishing, resurfacing, restoring or reglazing? These terms all refer to the process of restoring an existing bathroom and tile surface to like new, and while the process is not new to property and apartment managers, 5 star Reglazing's quality and guarantee may be.
What makes 5 Star Reglazing different? Unlike, most refinishers who use toxic hydrofluoric acid to etch porcelain and tile surfaces, 5 Star Reglazing uses a proprietary bonding agent that guarantees that the new surface will "stick." Acid-etching is not only dated technology among independent refinishers, but if the acid is not properly neutralized before it is rinsed down the drain, it could cause potential problems. MM-4 is also safer for use by the technician.
Our variety of colors can provide an updated solid surface look to your kitchen countertops at a fraction of the cost of replacement. This versatile finish is also ideal for fiberglass tub shower units, tile surrounds and vanities. Best of all, apartment units with this upgrade are showing better, resulting in faster and higher monthly rates.


Bathtub Reglazing And Refinishing
Bathtub reglazing
You can feel safe choosing 5 Star Reglazing, you get a 3-year guarantee on most projects and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! What more can you ask for? Call 5 Star Reglazing today!
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