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Bathtub Refinishing Near Me

Since its inception in 1997, Five Star Reglazing has emerged as the foremost choice for surface refinishing among the nation's largest property managers, esteemed hotel chains, reputable hospitals, distinguished colleges, and discerning homeowners.

The terms refinishing, resurfacing, restoring, and reglazing are all synonymous with the meticulous process of restoring existing bathroom and tile surfaces to a pristine, like-new condition. While this practice is not novel within the realms of property and apartment management, what sets 5 Star Reglazing apart is the unparalleled quality of our workmanship and the steadfast guarantee we provide.

Distinguishing ourselves from the industry norm, Five Star Reglazing eschews the use of toxic hydrofluoric acid for etching porcelain and tile surfaces. Instead, we employ a proprietary bonding agent, ensuring not only a superior result but also a commitment to safety. Acid-etching, considered antiquated among independent refinishers, poses potential hazards if not adequately neutralized before drainage. In contrast, our bonding agent, MM-4, not only guarantees adhesion but also prioritizes the safety of our technicians.

A unique facet of our services lies in the expansive palette of colors we offer, providing an updated, solid surface look to kitchen countertops at a mere fraction of the cost of replacement. This versatile finish extends to fiberglass tub shower units, tile surrounds, and vanities, offering a cost-effective solution without compromising aesthetic appeal.

Notably, properties undergoing this upgrade have exhibited enhanced marketability, resulting in expedited leasing and elevated monthly rates, making the investment in Five Star Reglazing a strategic and lucrative choice.

For an unparalleled surface refinishing experience that marries quality, safety, and cost-effectiveness, choose Five Star Reglazing. Elevate your spaces with us, where excellence is not just a commitment but a guarantee.

Bathtub Reglazing And Refinishing
Bathtub reglazing
You can feel safe choosing 5 Star Reglazing, you get a 3-year guarantee on most projects and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! What more can you ask for? Call 5 Star Reglazing today!
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