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Bathtub Anti Skid

Introducing Five Star Reglazing's Enduring Non-Slip Epoxy Grid Texture.

Unveil a new level of safety and sophistication with our Permanent Anti-Skid Epoxy grid texture at 5 Star Reglazing. Specially designed to offer a durable, textured finish, it serves as a preventive measure against slip and fall accidents in various spaces such as bathtubs, showers, tile floors, hot tub steps, and more. This lead-free solution is not only friendly on bare feet but also resilient against chemical cleaners.

Key Features:

  1. Exceptional Traction:

    • Our Anti-Skid Epoxy creates a hard, flat, textured surface, ensuring exceptional traction to prevent accidents and enhance safety in high-risk areas.

  2. Ease of Cleaning:

    • Unlike traditional bath mats, our Non-Slip application is effortlessly easy to clean, with no accumulation of dirt around its edges, guaranteeing a consistently hygienic surface.

  3. Subtle and Clear Design:

    • Applied after the bathtub or shower pan is cured and dried, our fine grid textured surface is nearly imperceptible to the eye. The clear coating seamlessly blends into your existing bathtub or shower pan, maintaining a visually unobtrusive appearance.

Experience the perfect blend of safety and aesthetics with our Non-Slip Epoxy grid texture, a testament to our commitment to both form and function.

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