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Bathtub Reglazing Process
Our Refinishing Process Unveiled

 Our meticulous approach to restoring porcelain bathtubs and various surfaces encompasses a comprehensive four-step process, ensuring the highest standards of quality and longevity:

  1. Cleaning and Preparation of the Work Area:

    • Our dedicated team initiates the restoration process by meticulously cleaning the surface through a specialized two-step procedure. This effectively eliminates soap film, oils, and mineral deposits.

    • Additional sanding and specialized techniques are employed to guarantee an impeccably clean surface. Any imperfections, such as chips, scratches, or damages, are expertly filled and repaired during this stage.

  2. Bonding Process:

    • A critical element in achieving a superior refinishing outcome lies in the bonding of the new coating to the existing surface, particularly crucial for porcelain and ceramic tile. Tubs and Tops exclusively relies on a cutting-edge bonding agent, developed by Hawk Laboratories, eliminating the need for hazardous and corrosive acids commonly used by other refinishers.

    • Our proven chemical bonding process ensures unparalleled adhesion, resulting in a finished product of superior quality and extended longevity. This confidence in our bonding agent enables us to proudly offer a robust 3-year warranty on porcelain bathtubs and ceramic tile, backed by our 17-year track record.

  3. Application of Refinishing Coating:

    • Employing high-volume, low-pressure (HVLP) spray equipment, an advanced acrylic top coating is meticulously applied. This process guarantees a durable, long-lasting surface with finishes available in either gloss or matte.

    • Our coatings, available in custom colors, boast a rapid drying time, ensuring the surface is touch-dry within minutes. Leveraging the most advanced coatings in the industry, a refinished tub can be ready for use within an impressive 12 to 14 hours.

  4. Finishing Touches:

    • Our commitment to perfection extends to the final touches. Careful polishing is undertaken as necessary to eliminate any dust particles or imperfections in the finish.

    • The tub undergoes a meticulous re-caulking process, and the entire work area is thoroughly cleaned, ensuring that every detail meets our stringent standards.


Trust Five Star Reglazing for a refinishing process that combines expertise, innovation, and a commitment to excellence.


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