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Spa Hot Tub Refinishing and Fiberglass Pool Refinishing

Spa refinishing can return the hot tub you used to love back into your favorite place to relax. If your jacuzzi or Spa tub is faded or discolored due to chemicals and high temperatures necessary to maintain the hot tub, refinishing is a much less expensive alternative to replacement.

If you have an old fiberglass Spa Or Hot Tub, take a long hard look at the surface. If you see hollow spots, chipping, or cracking, that means the fiberglass surface shell has been compromised. The problem will get worse  if you don’t address it now.

Traditional Spa and Hot Tub surfaces are damaged by any number of things:

  • Improper water chemistry: Make sure you’re testing calcium and stabilizer levels using a test kit.

  • Disuse: Don’t let your pool sit empty. Sun exposure on a pool is particularly bad when there’s no water in it.

  • Age: New plaster finishes only last 12 years or so, which is why newer options (like fiberglass) are becoming popular. Even fiberglass, however, can be damaged over time.


Regardless of the current condition of your spa, there is still a chance to restore it!  Our technicians can complete any structural and surface repairs prior to reglazing your hot tub or spa.


Whether the hot tub to be refinished is made of fiberglass or acrylic,  Surface Specialists has the top application and procedures for resurfacing your spa.   Not all hot tub refinishing applications on the market can withstand the temperatures and constant water contact.   Our spa refinishing application is a proven high gloss finish ideal for use below the water line.

Fiberglass Pool Refinishing

We also offer Fiberglass swimming pool repair resurfacing service. “We Make Old Tired FIBERGLASS Pools Spas Look New Again". Fiberglass provides superior resistance to stains, algae, and discoloration. Fiberglass is a superior pool resurfacing product.


Five Star specializes in commercial and Fiberglass residential aquatic swimming pool resurfacing. Commercial facilities, water parks, apartment complex swimming pools, hotels, resorts, military base swimming pools, schools – college and university swimming pools.

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