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"Our fiberglass bathtubs at one of my apartment complexes are old and are constantly cracking in the bottom of the tub. To make matters worse, another "refinishing" company has tried to fix them and the coatings that they used are peeling off. This has been a huge problem for us. 5 Star has been re-repairing, stripping off the bad product and redoing our tubs with epoxy primers and high solid topcoats. Thanks 5 Star!"


- Chad McMahill, Riverside, CA



" Five Star Bathtub Reglazing has been resurfacing our tubs as well as our countertops for several years now, and the tubs and counters always come out very nice. We have never, ever had a single problem with the new finish."


- Cindy Pace, Orange County, CA



"Recently, 5 Star resurfaced my tub and ceramic tile and it looks fantastic!"


- John Johnson, Cerritos, CA



showed some of our neighbors, and Five Satr Bathtub Refinishing came out and did some of their tubs as well. Our neighborhood is about twenty years old. And I think that Alex and his guys will end up doing every tub here!"


- Paul Kensen, Moreno Valley, CA




Customer's Testimonials
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