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Tub and Shower Reglazing
Bathtub refinishing is our specialty.  We’re experienced and have been refinishing bathtubs and saving people tons of money.  Why go through the trouble of hiring a contractor, looking for a replacement bathtub, dealing with noise, demolition, and other additional costs and annoyances which would take a long time and be costly when you can just Reglaze it!
Reglaze, the tub and make it look new again!  Simple, fast, within a few hours of work, and most of all affordable!   With just a fraction of the cost of what you would pay to do all the work of getting it replaced you can save all that money and have a new looking tub that will be ready to use within the next day.
We specialize in all types of bathtubs.  Wheter they’re chipped, cracked, fiberglass, cast iron, or acrylic bathtubs we’re ready to work on them.
Concerned about the quality of the bathtub and how long it will last?  With the proper care, your bathtub should last you years.  We have superior quality products that are scientifically designed to resist peeling, chipping, or discoloration.
There’s tons of specialty colors to choose from and all of our work is Fully Warrantied!
Once a Bathtub or Shower has been refinish you can not use a  mat with suction cups. The following tub and shower mat is safe to use, specialized for refinished tub and showers
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