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What surfaces can be refinished?
• Cast iron
• Ceramic tile 
• Fiberglass 
• Formica 
• Marble 
• Metal 
• Plastic 
• Steel
How long does the bathtub refinishing process take?
The refinishing process takes only hours! Yes, it may come as a surprise, but in one afternoon your bathtub, sink, tile, or shower pan can look brand new!

When can I use my refinished bathtub, shower pan, or sink?
The newly refinished surface may be used in 48 hrs!
What if my bathtub, sink, or shower pan is damaged?
Chips, minor cracks and even rust spots can be repaired during the cleaning and preparation stage of refinishing.

Is there a Strong odor?
We use a ventilation system to ventilate and the odor is usually gone in an hour or two.
Is there a Warranty?
We offer a 3 year written guarantee on all bathtub, tile, and shower pan refinishing. We also offer a guarantee on all repairs.

Can my bathtub be refinished if it's been refinished before?
Yes, your bathtub can be refinished if it's been previously refinished.
Can the color of my bathtub be changed?
Yes, click on our color selector to view available colors.
How much will I save versus replacement?
Whether it be a bathtub, ceramic tile or countertops, your savings can be as high as 80% of the replacement cost plus most applications only take one day saving you time and inconvenience as well.
How long will it last?
A refinished tub or any other refinish will last as long, if not longer, than the finish on a new tub. refinished tubs are easier to clean than new tubs. As long as the finish is properly maintained and no abrasive chemicals cleaners are used, the product will last a long, long time.
How do I take care of the finish?
By using mild, non-abrasive cleaners, the finish is easy to clean and low in maintenance. The product is mold and mildew resistant which is especially important in the local climate.
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