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Sink Reglazing
Sink Reglazing is the process of repairing and resurfacing the sink. The changes done are immediately the same day and the change is highly noticeable. Once finished it looks like a new store purchased sink. The aged sink is restored with no blemishes or any signs that it was ever worn out.


Sinks come in many different shapes and sizes. We’re equipped to service all types of different kinds of sinks. These can include wall-hung, pedestal, and molded vanity sinks.


They can also have a china finish, or a vitreous surface. Also molded plastic with a gel coat finish or molded acrylic with fiberglass backing. Of course there’s also the standard porcelain surface sinks.


Make your bathroom look nice and presentable to guests and friends for just a fraction of the cost of what it would cost to replace your sink or tub.
If your sink or vanity requires this type of service give us a call. We’ll be happy to go out to you and give you a free estimate.
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