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We Provide Bathtub Drain Replacement Service For Clients Who Have A Worn-Out Tub Drain Or Overflow.


Bathtub Drain Replacement: You Should Seriously Consider The Benefits Of Replacing Your Bathtub Drain When Refinishing Your Bathtub… Here’s Why.
Would you have your car painted with a big old dent in the hood? A new tub drain/overflow completes the job and it just makes sense.
  • Aesthetically makes your tub look brand new.
  • Seals the coating under your drain.
  • Extends the service life of the refinished bathtub.
  • A worn-out drain will be an eye-sore.
  • It’s the perfect time to change it.


You’ll love your bathtub again with new chrome drain & overflow.


You won’t be happy leaving a worn-out drain or overflow in. Replacing it makes your tub look like a brand new install.

Untreated rust under the drain, caused this job to fail.

How Can Bathtub Drain Replacement Extend The Service Life Of Your Refinished Bathtub?
Mechanics of coatings states: when a coating is applied, its weakest point is an edge. An edge is a point that can be pushed against; in this case when you refinish your bathtub and you do not pull the drain, there is an edge around the drain vs. having the material under your drain with no edge.
The force of water flowing over that edge, plus the contraction and expansion of the drain itself, going through hot and cold cycles, are two forces pushing against the edge and can cause premature failure of the coating. 
Once a coating starts to lift from these forces it can continue to lift and we call this peeling. A coating that could have gone 15 years can fail short of this life span.
When there is rust, soap, bathing oils or moisture trapped under the drain, no amount of preparations is going to remove it unless the drain is pulled. This can prevent any coating from sealing properly around the drain. I have seen coatings go a long time without removing the drains, but it’s a gamble.
If rust is under the drain it will eventually come back if not completely removed and treated before bathtub refinishing, causing the material around the drain to blister and peel.
We recommend when practical to remove the drain and overflow during the prep stage, then having your bathtub refinished. A return trip is required to re-install your drain after 48 hours.
Should your old drain be in great shape it can be re-used. When replacing we carry and full assortment of Watco chrome drains, adapter bushings and overflows. You’d be amazed at how many different thread and barrel sizes there are. We can retro-fit 99% of these.
*NOTE: We require an access to your bathtubs plumbing, either from below or thru an access panel. Access is needed to check for leaks after the drain is installed.

Imagine leaving this in your refinished tub.

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