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Enhance Your Bathtub Refinishing with Drain Replacement Services

At Five Star Reglazing, we specialize in providing comprehensive Bathtub Drain Replacement services tailored for clients with worn-out tub drains or overflows. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond surface refinishing to ensure every aspect of your bathtub is revitalized.

Why Choose Bathtub Drain Replacement during Refinishing?

Consider the following compelling reasons why opting for a new tub drain/overflow during refinishing is a wise decision:

  1. Aesthetic Renewal:

    • Just as you wouldn't paint a car with a dent, replacing your bathtub drain ensures a visually complete and brand-new look for your tub. Aesthetically pleasing, it adds the finishing touch to the refinishing process.

  2. Seamless Coating Seal:

    • A new tub drain/overflow plays a crucial role in sealing the coating under your drain. This ensures a watertight and durable finish, enhancing the overall longevity of your refinished bathtub.

  3. Extended Service Life:

    • Investing in a new drain during refinishing contributes to the extended service life of your bathtub. It fortifies the structural integrity of the entire fixture, ensuring sustained beauty and functionality.

  4. Eliminate Eye-Sore:

    • A worn-out drain can be an unsightly distraction. By replacing it, you eliminate the eye-sore, creating a harmonious and polished appearance for your entire bathtub.

  5. Perfect Timing for Change:

    • Seize the opportunity during refinishing to make an impactful change. Installing a new tub drain is seamless during the refinishing process, saving you time and effort.

Trust Five Star Reglazing to not only transform the surface of your bathtub but also enhance its functionality and aesthetics through our expert Bathtub Drain Replacement services. Elevate your bathing space with a comprehensive refinishing experience.



You’ll love your bathtub again with new chrome drain & overflow.


You won’t be happy leaving a worn-out drain or overflow in. Replacing it makes your tub look like a brand new install.

Untreated rust under the drain, caused this job to fail.

Imagine leaving this in your refinished tub.

The Crucial Role of Bathtub Drain Replacement in Prolonging Refinished Bathtub Life

Understanding the intricate mechanics of coatings reveals the pivotal role bathtub drain replacement plays in extending the service life of your refinished bathtub.

Coating Vulnerabilities: According to coating mechanics, the weakest point of a coating is its edge. In the context of bathtub refinishing, the area around the drain becomes a susceptible edge when the drain is not replaced. This edge is subject to external forces such as water flow, and the expansion and contraction of the drain during hot and cold cycles.

Forces at Play: The force exerted by water flowing over the edge, combined with the drain's continuous contraction and expansion, poses a risk of premature coating failure. This failure can manifest as peeling, cutting short the potential lifespan of the coating. A coating that could endure for 15 years may fall short of this duration due to the challenges posed by an unprotected drain edge.

Addressing Hidden Issues: When rust, soap residue, bathing oils, or moisture are trapped under the drain, no amount of preparation can rectify the issue unless the drain is replaced. Neglecting to replace the drain may prevent proper coating sealing around the drain, leading to potential long-term issues. While some coatings may withstand the gamble for a while, it remains a risky proposition.

Preventing Future Complications: Rust under the drain, if left untreated before bathtub refinishing, can resurface, causing the material around the drain to blister and peel. To avoid such complications and ensure the longevity of your refinished bathtub, the prudent choice is to incorporate bathtub drain replacement as an integral part of the refinishing process.

Choose [Your Company Name] for a comprehensive approach to bathtub refinishing, ensuring not only a beautiful surface but also an extended and resilient service life.

Optimal Approach for Bathtub Drain Replacement: Enhancing Longevity and Functionality

For an optimal bathtub refinishing experience, we highly recommend the removal of the drain and overflow during the preparation stage, followed by the refinishing process. Subsequently, a return visit is scheduled 48 hours later for the professional re-installation of your drain.

Key Considerations:

  1. Re-Using Old Drains:

    • If your existing drain is in excellent condition, it can be reused during the refinishing process. Our skilled technicians assess the condition of your drain, ensuring that re-use is a practical and efficient choice.

  2. Comprehensive Drain Replacement Options:

    • In cases where drain replacement is necessary, we offer a diverse selection of Watco chrome drains, adapter bushings, and overflows. Our extensive inventory accommodates various thread and barrel sizes, allowing us to retro-fit 99% of these components seamlessly.

  3. Important Note on Access:

    • It is essential to have access to your bathtub's plumbing, either from below or through an access panel. This access is crucial for leak checks post-installation of the drain. Our commitment to thoroughness ensures the highest standards of quality and functionality.

By adhering to these recommendations, we prioritize the longevity and efficiency of your bathtub's drainage system. Trust Five Star Reglazing for a meticulous approach to drain replacement, seamlessly integrated into the overall refinishing process.

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