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Maintenance Care and Warranty Guidelines

Proper Sealing After Refinishing: Ensure the longevity of your refinished surfaces by sealing fixtures such as drains, faucets, knobs, and spouts with caulking. Neglecting to seal these fixtures after the 48-hour cure period can lead to finish lifting over time due to moisture exposure around the edges.

Post-Refinishing Care Instructions:

  • Avoiding Surface Wetness:

  • Refrain from getting the surface wet for a minimum of 48 hours after completing the refinishing work. This period is crucial for the curing process.

  • Cleaning and Maintenance Recommendations:

    • To preserve the beauty and attractiveness of your newly refinished bathtub and tiles, follow these maintenance guidelines:

      • Avoid abrasive cleaners, corrosive chemicals, and products with strong acids.

      • Regularly clean with warm water and liquid detergents or recommended bathroom cleaners.

      • Refrain from using suction cup bathmats on the finish.

      • Promptly repair leaky faucets to prevent premature wear and rust around the drain.

      • Avoid using acids or liquid clog removers on the finish.

  • Additional Recommendations:

    • Refrain from using the reglazed surface for specific days or hours as indicated by the refinisher.

    • Do not lay objects on the finish, and consider purchasing a shower rack instead.

  • Exercise caution with nail polish remover, as it can cause damage to the finish.

  • Apply liquid car wax every three months to protect the finish and facilitate easier cleaning.

  • For extended durability, refrain from storing soap, shampoo, or bath oil on the corner ledge to prevent water accumulation underneath.

Caulking Recommendations:

  • Before First Use:

  • It is recommended that customers apply silicone caulking if needed to the bathtub before its first use.

Warranty Policy:

  • Scope of Warranty:

    • Our warranty covers peeling and blistering throughout the entire reglazed surfaces caused by defects in product or workmanship.

  • Notification and Inspection:

    • Any minor peeling and/or blistering must be notified immediately (no later than a week) to maintain warranty. Inspection will be conducted to determine if damage falls under warranty coverage.

  • Exclusions from Warranty:

    • Exclusions include chipping, scratches, rust, and man-made damages. Damage resulting from improper cleaning, excessive use, leaky plumbing, or neglect is expressly excluded.

Additional Notes:

  • Transferability of Warranty:

    • Warranty is transferable only when the original Owner/Buyer writes to transfer it to the new owner.

  • Worker Caution:

    • Workers should remove shoes when standing in a reglazed tub to avoid potential damage.


At Five Start Reglazing, we stand by the quality of our work and products. Following these recommendations will help maintain the "like new" appearance of your reglazed fixtures.

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